Saturday, February 12, 2011

2010 Record Year for New Condo Sales

Did you know that in the last quarter of 2010, there were a total of 6,280 new condominiums sold in the Toronto CMA making the year's total a record high since 2007. What will 2011 bring?

Urbanation, the leading source of information and analysis on the Toronto condo market, recently released its fourth quarter market review for 2010.

For the second consecutive year, the Toronto new condominiums market finished quite strong. With a flurry of sales activity, the fourth quarter resulted in 6,280 new condominums units sold, which is a 2,474 more units then the 2010 third quarter.

“The Q4-2010 new unit sales were much higher than expected, spurred by tremendous results at a number of new project openings in the City of Toronto. In the end, 2010’s total annual new and resale condominium sales of 37,041 units were just three per cent shy of the historic 2007 record of 38,306 units sold.”Said Urbanation Executive Vice President and Editor Ben Myers.

Read more on Urbanation's 2010 new condo sales results here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Marks Milestone

The enormous task of excavating this Yonge
and Gerrard site was completed earlier this
year in January. Daily construction at the
Aura site is advancing as planned.

East side of Aura site at Yonge & Gerrard Sts.

East side of Aura Site, forming last parking level

The last parking level on the East side is
being formed and we anticipate being at
grade that is, street level this month.

West side of Aura site along Gerrard St.

The steel braces under the permanent ramp
that splits the Aura site in two have been
removed as forming of the parking levels on
the West side advances.