Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just How High is 75 Storeys?

If you can't image what a 75 storey tower will look like once its built in the heart of downtown Toronto, these images of AURA put it all into perspective.

The first image is an actual photo of Yonge Street coupled with slick computer graphics to show the tower already built. It gives you an amazing future view of AURA looking North on Yonge Street from the popular Eaton Centre, a shopping attraction for many tourists.

Above is an actual aerial photo of Yonge St. and Gerrard St., the site where the tower will be constructed. Once completed, this awsome skyscrapper will soar 75 storeys high or 243 meters into the sky making AURA the tallest residential tower in all of Canada and North America for that matter! The Toronto skyline as we know it today will be forever changed.

Get a closer look at the Yonge St. & Gerrard St. aerial shot here.

Photo credits --Top: Scott Dickson, Bottom: G+C Architects