Friday, September 16, 2011

The Most Important Floor at Aura

Construction workers at Aura have been working diligently these last several weeks of summer in preparation to pour the 5th floor. Usually, it takes a couple of weeks of installation and pouring of concrete for a large retail podium floor plate.  In Aura's case it is taking a bit more time and here's why....


The 5th floor at Aura is the most important structural floor of the entire building since it transfers the loads from the 71 storeys of residential floors above through to the foundations.

Seen above, significant quantities of rebar (rods or bars used for reinforcement in concrete pouring) and post-tensioned tendons are required for this 2500 mm thick transfer slab (the 5th floor) along with detailed coordination and installation between several trade workers.  This enormous task has taken the better part of the summer months to complete.

This 5th floor transfer slab is being poured in sections and the first two sections were completed at the end of August. The remaining section is being prepared and the entire 5th floor slab will be completed within a few weeks, after which you’ll see Aura continue to grow quickly during the fall.

Photos were taken from this afternoon to give you the latest updates . Stay tuned for more exciting development insights.