Saturday, April 7, 2012

Past, Present and Future of Yonge Street

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world at 1,896 km, the construction of Yonge Street is an "Event of National Historic Significance".  Since its construction in 1794, Yonge Street has constantly been evolving and has been one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in downtown Toronto. 

Today, Aura's retail component is at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard boasting with sleek granite and glass, quickly taking shape that will soon bring in approximately 180,000 sq.ft. of premier retail shopping to the area.

Just down the street, Ryerson University will be introducing a new Student Learning Centre that will add to the vibrancy of Yonge Street.  Standing at 9 storeys high, this137,000 sq.ft. building will be located at Yonge & Gould streets that will benefit close to 34,000 students.  The Student Learning Centre is estimated to be a $110 million development and will offer approximately 20,000 sq,ft, of retail both at street level and underground.  This exciting new development will open its doors in early 2014.