Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Floor Per Week

Recently, we toured the construction site with project site super, Brian MacLean who provided us with the latest construction updates on Aura.

View of Aura from Yonge Street

Currently, Aura's 32nd floor is being poured. The quick progress can be attributed to the use of two systems to pour concrete. The first uses a pumping system that pumps the concrete from the ground level up to the floor that will be poured. As construction progresses upwards, the pump system also moves upwards. The use of cranes lifting buckets to the required floor also helps to speed up the process of pouring concrete for columns. With both systems in place, from start to finish, it takes one week to complete a floor which is pretty impressive considering the enormity of Aura's floor plate size.

32nd Floor Facing East - Slab Pour

Inside the residential tower, the lower and upper floors are at a different stage of construction. The lower floors are well underway with most of the drywall, and tiling installed including primer on walls. Drywall in suites higher up will begin shortly.

Suite With Primer on the Walls 

On the retail podium level, the 2nd floor premises for Bed Bath & Beyond, the North American retail giant is quickly taking shape. Workers are installing drywall to the exterior walls, and completing the Bed, Bath & Beyond interior offices and lobby. The open concept interior of this large retail space boasts 15-16 foot ceilings that allow for an abundance of product shelving. Workers are installing shelving brackets throughout the space, so shelving heights and shelving placement can be tailored for merchandising products. In the next few weeks custom flooring with a polished finish will be completed.

Bed Bath & Beyond Retail Space

Bed Bath & Beyond Offices

All of the retail shops on the subway retail level are now complete with finishing touches to the the food court happening this week. In the next couple of months retailers will be moving in to custom outfit their stores and prepare for their much anticipated public opening later this fall.

Food Court on Subway Retail Level

Every week something new and exciting is happening at Aura.  Check back with us often for more updates.