Thursday, May 22, 2014

Redecorating for Summer at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Victoria Day weekend was the unofficial kick-off to summer, and even though the weather left a little to be desired we still fired up our BBQ and enjoyed some of Toronto’s parks. Now that it’s summer outside, it’s time to make your new Aura condo a little more sunny and colourful. Out with the boring blacks, in with brightly-coloured accessories and dishes. Whether you have a balcony, terrace, or just want to enjoy a patio dinner on Aura’s outdoor spaces, here are some picks from Bed Bath & Beyond inspired by our favourite spring balcony looks on Pinterest. You don’t have to go far - just down to Aura’s lobby, or order online:

Go zen with your balcony decor

Just because your balcony is small doesn’t mean it can’t bring you a bit of serenity. We love this design because it feels like you’re in a rooftop garden - we can hear the water fountain flowing and the birds chirping already. By adding a porch swing, feature wall, and wood/stone flooring, this balcony has been transformed. Add some colourful spring throw pillows and some planters from BB&B and some plants from your local nursery & you’re all set!

Bed Bath & Beyond shopping list

Go green - astroturf green

This 100 square foot balcony was designed by Toronto’s DesignMaze Interiors, and it all starts with laying down some good old fashioned astroturf. Add a striped rug, a glass & wicker coffee table, and some wicker patio furniture, and you’re all set to enjoy a margarita while getting engrossed in a summer read.

Bed Bath & Beyond shopping list

Dine al fresco

What better way to enjoy your balcony than by having drinks/food with a view? We love this design because it focuses on using the balcony to entertain. It’s easy to recreate this on your own balcony regardless of the size - you just need a great table, some colourful placemats, and great plastic dishes.

Bed Bath & Beyond shopping list

Bonus idea: Tim at DesignMaze also recently posted this balcony design shopped entirely from Winners - since there’s one right around the corner at College Park, you can easily shop the look!