Thursday, October 23, 2014

Perks of living in Aura Condos

It’s important to love your home - that’s obvious. But when many people think about loving their home, they think about the decor of their living room, or the comfort of their bed, or of course the people they live with. These factors definitely apply when you live in a condo, but there are also many more considerations. There are so many options out there so making the decision about which building to live in, so things like neighbourhood, amenities, and what’s closeby are all included in the decision.

Aura has some special perks outside of being in a great neighbourhood and having awesome amenities. For example, telling your friends and family that you live in the tallest residential building in Canada has got to count for something! At 78-storeys and in a prime location, the views from most of the floors at Aura are unbeatable. Your south-facing view will definitely have a view of our skyline and CN Tower, and if you get high enough you’ll even get the lake! Same goes for most east and west-facing suites and looking north, you’ll see a sea of greenery from Rosedale and the other residential neighbourhoods that line Yonge Street heading northbound. Your immediate surroundings are great, but kicking back with a great book and a great view isn’t something you can get everywhere.

We’ve told you about Hard Candy Fitness Toronto before, but we can’t stress enough how awesome it is to be so close to our favourite gym. Toronto gets pretty cold in the winter months, and stepping out into the below freezing air to get to the gym gets! A quick elevator ride sounds much better to us, and that’s all we have to do. Not only is it convenient, but HCF Toronto is one of Toronto’s best gyms and has Madonna’s approval - not too shabby. We suggest trying out an anti-gravity yoga class. Have no idea what that is? Don’t worry, a good surprise is good for the heart.

Another convenience for residents will be future access to Toronto’s PATH system, the largest underground retail space in the world! Much of the downtown core is connected to the PATH system, so rain, snow, sleet or hail won’t stop us from getting where we need to be. You won’t even need your jacket.

Are you interested in living at Aura? Check out the Canderel Rentals site for rental availability in the building, or contact us for more information about purchasing a suite.