Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Your Perfect Guide to Toronto's PATH

The PATH system is a total blessing for Toronto. The 30 kilometre underground system is the largest of its kind and makes the majority of our downtown core accessible without even having to go outside. Perfect for our truly Canadian winters! Aura has an underground connection to the PATH system right from the building which is just a 3 minute walk from the P1 resident access doors to College station. This makes it convenient and quick for residents to get to work or to school, access lots of shops and restaurants underground and giving thousands of daily commuters access to our building’s retail services as well.
In case you didn’t know, here are a few facts about the PATH (as of right now):
  • There are 371,600 square metres of retail space.
  • Over 1,200 shops are found throughout the system.
  • There is access to over 50 buildings and office towers.
  • It’s connected to 6 TTC subway stations.
  • There are 8 hotels connected to the system.
  • 20 parking garages are connected to the system.
  • It connects to most of the city’s biggest attractions like the ACC, Rogers Centre, and CN Tower.
  • College Park is the most northern portion of the system.

Since the PATH is so convenient through our building, we wanted to highlight some of the retailers, shops, and restaurants in our vicinity that we know you’ll need at some point. Next time you’re looking for any of the places below, you’ll know that you don’t need to put a coat on to reach them.