Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 Ways to Save on Downtown Living

Living in a city can get expensive. There’s so much to do and see that it’s almost impossible to get bored, however most of the things you want to do cost money. That, however, is not to say that there aren’t ways to get around those costs. You’d actually be surprised at how many of your everyday activities have a cheaper alternative, so we’re here to let you in on the secrets.

  1. Skip the Metropass
    There’s almost no excuse to have to buy a Metropass now that spring and summer are near! Biking or walking to work, school, or basically anywhere you’re going can save you a ton. You’ll only need to buy tokens or pay cash fare when you need to.
  2. Take advantage of birthday bonuses
    Is it your birthday? Well there are a ton of stores and restaurants that offer discounts or even free goodies in celebration of that. Some places that do so are Starbucks, Panera Bread, Menchies, Booster Juice, What A Bagel, the Mandarin, and Medieval Times - just to name a few.
  3. Skip the UPE and go TTC
    Even though the Union Pearson Express is nearing completion, the $27 one-way fare is costly. You can actually get from downtown to Pearson Airport in about 45 minutes riding the TTC, and it will only cost you $3 or 1 token. The transfer at Kipling Station to the Airport Rocket bus is a total breeze now too.
  4. Pay less for a better workout variety
    We always advocate for our own gym Hard Candy Fitness, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up. The new ClassPass program allows you to do unlimited workout classes across the city for about $90 a month. Compare that to your typical $15-$20 drop-in class and you’re laughing.
  5. Look for drink deals
    Going for drinks after work or class is a popular but costly activity - that’s why Happy Hour was invented! Choose a restaurant or bar that offers drink deals to cut the costs. One great example is Duke’s Refresher, which has $5 beers from 11:30am to 6pm, and just so happens to be located in the bottom of our building. See? You don’t even have to go far!
  6. Skip the restaurant and dine in
    Being surrounded by so many delicious restaurants can make cooking your own meals seem unappealing, but the bills can really add up. There are lots of grocery stores in our area like Sobeys and Metro that make it convenient to pick up ingredients, so there’s really no excuse! Why not offer to cook for your friends and show off your amazing view of the city while you’re at it?
  7. Hunt down restaurants with no corking fees
    Like we said, going out for a meal can get really expensive, and most of the time it’s the alcohol that’s responsible. Going for the odd meal out is inevitable, but this is one great way to cut down on your bill. Lucky for you, some restaurants in the city let you bring your own wine and won’t charge you a corking fee for it.
  8. Catch a movie on Cheap Tuesday
    The Cineplex Movie Theatre at Yonge-Dundas Square (just down the street!) offers half-price tickets on Tuesdays. If you plan to take advantage of that, make sure you get there early!
  9. Explore a museum at a discount (or for free!)
    Most of the museums around Toronto offer free nights or pay what you can nights, and what comes cheaper than that? Head to the AGO on Wednesday, the ROM on Thursday, or the Bata Shoe Museum on Tuesday (you’ll need a student ID), and you’re set.
  10. SPC Card
    If you’re a student, you should get your hands on a Student Price Card. There are hundreds of stores around the city that offer discounts on purchases with the card American Apparel, Banana Republic, Rexall, Joe Fresh, FedEx, and a ton more.

    You’re welcome!