Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dine at Aura: Duke's Refresher

The options for grabbing a bite in our building are endless. You already know about our food court, Scaddabush, and Reds Wine Tavern, but there’s also Duke’s Refresher! Known for its fun drinks (hence the name “refresher”), Duke’s has a booming atmosphere and should be your go-to spot for drinks after work. Its original location is up north in Muskoka, but we’re happy they chose the bottom of our building for their first expansion.

There are over 40 beers on tap at Duke’s, most of which are only $5 from 11:30am to 6pm every day. A fun touch to grabbing a beer or two there is that you can join the Stein Club. Joining the club not only gets you your own mug that’s hung behind the bar (which you can use whenever you visit) but you also get free brunch once a month, are entered into weekly draws, and get a 15% off discount. Pretty great perks if you ask us!

Duke’s is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and you can even do take-out orders for the days you feel like eating upstairs in your condo instead. Their delicious caesar’s are only $4.50 on Sundays and on top of that if you had drinks at Duke’s the night before, your handstamp gets you a discount on brunch the next day. This could include indulgences like Bacon Caramel Mini Donuts and Breakfast Poutine.

Hungry yet? If you’re hungry when you get there, feel free to munch on the complimentary cotton candy they have available.

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