Friday, July 17, 2015

The 5th Floor Outdoor Terrace: Our Patio, Your Party

Our 5th floor outdoor terrace has been finished for a few months already, but now’s the time to really take advantage of it! With plenty of seating including chairs and tables, loungers, and massive couches, it’s a great place to hang out, enjoy the view down Yonge Street, and entertain your friends (those who live in the building or don’t).

The BBQs on the terrace make it easy to cook for either a small or a large group of people, which is not only great because you get to be outside, but it also keeps the mess out of your condo. One of the best perks of having amenities like the outdoor terrace or our party rooms is that you don’t have to squeeze your friends into your home and worry about it getting too messy! Also, having the party rooms on our 5th floor attached to the outdoor terrace is great because it leaves lots of room to prep and store goodies for your party.

If you’re thinking of hosting a party on the outdoor terrace, here are a few tips:

  1. Time of day for enjoying the terrace doesn’t matter, because you’ll be in the sun during the day and can keep cozy by the fireplaces if the temperature drops a bit at night.
  2. Brighten things up once the sun goes down with a cool lantern. You can find great ones (like this) at Bed Bath and Beyond downstairs.
  3. Set the tone with some music! Treat yourself to a portable speaker (like this) from Best Buy down the street at the Eaton Centre. Just remember to be respectful of other tenants using the terrace.
  4. Bring down some games. Once you’re finished your BBQ’d meal you can let it digest over a game of Cards Against Humanity.
  5. Make use of all your space - the outdoor terrace is huge, so don’t be afraid to make use of it! That goes for the party rooms and other amenities on the 5th floor as well.