Thursday, September 24, 2015

Buildings casting light on their city’s skyline around the world

One thing we love is pairing great architecture with vibrant lighting displays - they have a major impact to city skylines. At Aura, you may have noticed the lights at the top of our tower that make a statement on the Toronto skyline. Our light feature consists of a series of LED strips, which illuminate the top portion of our building every evening between 8pm and 10pm.

We, of course, are not the only building that has jumped on the opportunity to light up the sky. Here are some of our favourite buildings that light up skylines around the world:

CN Tower

Photo via Freaktography on Flickr
Keeping it local, another Toronto building that lights up our skyline is the CN Tower. Each night begins with the tower illuminating in red and white for Canada and there’s a special light show at the top of every hour. Some nights feature a theme dedicated to a certain holiday, event, or cause. You can view the schedule for upcoming nights here.

Eiffel Tower

Photo via nathaninsandiego on Flickr
Since Paris is nicknamed the City of Light, it’s a given that their most famous landmark features some sort of memorable lighting. If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve probably been to see the Eiffel Tower do its infamous sparkle, which occurs every hour on the hour. The tower also stays golden all night while the beacon of light at the top shines over Paris.

Empire State Building

Photo via quintanomedia on Flickr
In New York City, similar to the CN Tower, you’ll often find the Empire State Building illuminated for holidays or for major world events. On nights where there isn’t something planned, its signature bright white lights shine on the top of the tower to make this structure stand out from the other towers around Manhattan. You can check in to see what each night’s colours will be here.

The Shard

Photo via davidedamico on Flickr
The tallest building in London and the European Union, The Shard has made a big impact on the London skyline. The shape of the shard draws inspiration from the spires of churches and masts of tall ships from the 18th century, and it’s meant to appear as though it’s protruding from the Thames. Similar to Aura, the top of the building illuminated by lights and shines brightly over the Thames at night. You can read more about The Shard in our post here!

With all of these inspiring light displays out there, we love that we’re able to shine some light on Toronto’s excellent skyline. If you snap a great pic of the #AuraLights be sure to share it with us on Twitter!