Thursday, February 6, 2014

No sweat, No candy! Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness is now open in Aura

College Park in downtown Toronto is evolving. With our 180,000 square foot retail space open to the public and purchasers moving into their suites above, the neighbourhood is continuing to flourish and is becoming more vibrant. One of the greatest additions to our building is Hard Candy Fitness Toronto, a Madonna branded gym, located on the 4th floor. Toronto’s Hard Candy Fitness is the first location in both Canada and the United States and plans to be both a social hub and fitness destination for everyone moving into the area.

We spoke with Justin Elie, Operations Manager at Hard Candy Fitness Toronto, about the brand new gym and he told us that since their opening on October 31, Hard Candy Fitness Toronto has been attracting Aura residents as well as people who live in the area. Because of their affiliation with Madonna, Hard Candy Fitness Toronto attracts her greatest fans and people who know and understand her work ethic and dedication to perfection.

Using Madonna’s work ethic and dedication as inspiration, the Hard Candy Fitness brand has built itself into an amazing facility with excellent fitness programming. All the equipment is brand new and incorporates state-of-the-art technology, such as Preva, a fitness app found on the gym equipment that tracks your workouts.

Another huge draw for Hard Candy Fitness Toronto is their group fitness program. “We strive to be the best. Our personal trainers and fitness instructors require top certifications and in the recruiting process, we reached out to industry leaders like our Director of Group Fitness Lori Kirwan,” Justin told us. “She is a very well known group fitness instructor in the city and has taught for all of the major gyms over the years. Lori really is an expert so we’re really proud to have her.”

Justin has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. He started off his career by teaching group fitness classes, and has taught at a number of different facilities in various classes, from strength training to boot camp, so he understands what makes a great class. Hard Candy’s signature Addicted to Sweat program has been a hit among members as well as the Friday night spin classes in the theatre style studio (they have a live DJ on Friday nights).

Hard Candy is an international brand, but Toronto’s location has a uniquely Canadian feel to it. “The goal at Hard Candy Fitness Toronto is to really highlight the best of the Canadian fitness industry within the Hard Candy brand,” says Justin. “We are tailoring ourselves to be an inclusive fitness community.” Hard Candy Fitness Toronto is focused on amplifying the social aspect of the club by hosting social events when the facilities are fully completed. Hard Candy Fitness Toronto is a lot more than just your average in-and-out gym and that’s what really sets them apart.

Want to be a member of Hard Candy Fitness Toronto? We’re giving away a 1 year membership + 2 tickets to the Hard Candy Fitness Toronto grand opening this Tuesday, February 11th featuring an appearance by Madonna in our Voguing on Vine contest! Don’t miss your chance to enter.