Thursday, October 2, 2014

Debunking Common Rental Myths

Have you had that conversation with yourself? You know, the one that goes back and forth about whether you should rent or buy your home? The pros and cons continue to outweigh eachother and the more you think about it, the harder the decision becomes. We want to help you along the way, so we took to debunking a few common myths out there that pertain to renting a home.

It’s hard to save money when you rent
Renting is typically much cheaper than owning a home due to expenses outside of the mortgage, such as property tax and unexpected home repairs. Renting your home means that you know exactly what your monthly payments will be and any money saved beyond that can be put into stocks, bonds and other savings accounts.

Buying a home is a great investment
We’re lucky that Toronto has such a great housing market, but many places outside of our real estate market haven’t had the same fate as our city. Real estate in Toronto has been a great investment for many years, but no one can predict the future. If you’re apprehensive about diving head first into a long-term real estate investment, renting is the perfect way to dip your toes into the market.

You won’t get what you want
Many people believe that there are more options when you buy a home because once it’s yours, you can customize your new home however you please. The reality of that is that customization doesn’t come cheap and takes a lot of time. Searching for the perfect rental suite allows you to find everything you love in one space that is within your price range. With all of the options out there right now, especially at Aura, we’re sure you’ll find your next perfect home!

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