Thursday, January 22, 2015

World's Tallest Buildings By The Numbers

Aura has solidified its iconic status in Toronto by garnering attention, press, and accolades from around the world. From its unbelievable height of 273m, to the 994 suites, to the incredible amenities and retail, this building has achieved many milestones since the Canderel team had the idea to build the tallest condo building in Canada. 2014 was the year that Aura made its longest strides, filling up with residents and topping off to officially take its titles.
Aura was part of a master class of tall buildings completed last year all over the world. There were 97 of buildings completed in 2014 that are taller than 200m and 11 of them were among the super-tall (over 300m), outlined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Based on the data gathered over the last many years, the whole world is getting involved in the architecture and engineering of skyscrapers. This year North America even got involved with 4 buildings cracking the top 20 tallest buildings completed in 2014, compared to 0 in 2013. Aura came in 19th and put Toronto on the map as the only city to have a building to crack the top 20 outside of New York City.

Tallest buildings completed in 2014

United Arab Emirates and China have both become well-known for their contributions to the number of super-tall buildings in the world and it seems like these countries are not slowing down. Over 50% of the top 20 tallest buildings completed in 2014 are located in these 2 regions and we’re expecting to see many more completed over the next few years. As you can see in the map above, most of the buildings completed last year are concentrated in Asia. This seems logical due to the shift in location for the population, as many people in China are moving to major urban centres to pursue jobs. These people need places to live and work, and these skyscrapers are perfect because of the seemingly unlimited vertical space. For these developers, the sky’s the limit and we can’t wait to find out about the newest technologies and materials that will be used to build the ever-taller buildings of the future.

As our own Aura is now topped off, we’re looking to the future. YC Condos is our next skyscraper and we’ll be breaking new records with the highest infinity pool in Canada at Aqua66. We can’t wait!