Thursday, January 15, 2015

Decorating on a Budget with our Retailers

When you’re moving into a new place, it’s really convenient to be able to buy basic things for your home from stores that aren’t too far away. Sometimes these bigger, home decor shops can be hard to find in the middle of a city, however we’re really lucky here at Aura to have many great retailers right at our fingertips. The few that focus on home decor include The Brick, Down Under, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Not having to lug your purchases far is great and it’s an added bonus that they all offer affordable prices.

Lots of people are actually surprised that (or don’t even know that) The Brick has a downtown location, but indeed it does! They carry all the essentials - everything from couches, to bed frames, and tables - and offer a delivery service. It’s really a perfect fit to be below a condo, not to mention they almost always have a great sale going on.  

Down Under is the place to go if you’re in need of a new bed. They offer all kinds of mattresses, plus tons of other products you may need for your bedroom. If you wander down into the underground connection to College Park you’ll be able to find them and take a look around!

For everything else you could possibly need for your place, there’s Bed Bath & Beyond. They carry all kinds of bathroom necessities, towels and linens, closet organizers, picture frames, vacuums, small appliances, and much, much more. The list could go on forever! It’s just on the 3rd floor of our building so we highly recommend you check it out the next time you’re on your way up to your condo.

Here’s a few items we think you’ll love that you can pick up at these stores that won’t break the bank:

Sunburst Gold Decorative Mirrors (Set of 3) - Bed Bath & Beyond ($22.99)

Albury Chairside Table - The Brick ($99.97)

Grey Dining Chairs - The Brick ($151.98)

Valko Bentwood Chair - The Brick ($119.97)

Homefires Starfish on Chevron Accent Rug - Bed Bath & Beyond ($45.99)

Double Border Rug in Slate Blue - Bed Bath & Beyond ($45.99)

Congo Chair - Down Under ($149.99)